New Year New Blog

Happy 2019 everyone!

This is the first time I've set up any kind of blogging software in 8 years, so I guess I should give a brief re-introduction. I am Tyler, currently live in Kansas, and do IT work in an Amazon facility. I am a Linux fanatic, I enjoy building and playing with computer hardware, and loosely follow Minnesota sports teams, except for college where I am a Kentucky fan.

To add some background, I previously had a Wordpress instance running on hosting provided by someone else. For the last 4.5 years I have been running a VPS on Digital Ocean, but I haven't really setup a proper website. I mostly used it for things like Quassel or Nextcloud. I finally got motivated to set something up this week, so I looked at the blogging platforms out there. I wanted something lighter than Wordpress, but not as simple as a static site generator like Jekyll. I ended up landing on Ghost after the recommendation of a few people in Telegram.

So what will I be posting on here? The topics will definitely vary a bit but it will mostly consist on Linux and computer hardware. I even have a couple topics lined up on the subject! One thing I will likely avoid on this blog though will be politics. While I do have my own opinions, this is not what I want this blog to be about, nor do I feel that I am going to convince anyone to budge through it.

So where else can you find me? I've got a Twitter and a Mastodon account, neither of which I'm all that active on. I also participate in a weekly show called Big Daddy Linux Live, or BDLL for short. I try to make it every week.




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